Snaizeholme Red Squirrel Trail

Temporary Closure - Red Squirrel Trail & Viewpoint

Please note that due to a change in the woodland management operations, the trail and viewpoint will be closed to public access from 5th November until 30th November 2018.  There are several areas of work which, will mean some temporary access restrictions on public footpaths and no access at all to the viewpoint area for the work duration.  The closures are necessary to protect the public from machinery operations and so during this period there will be no access for visitors using either the Little White Bus or private cars.

The works are essential to help maintain a long term suitable habitat for red squirrels in the valley.  Although there will be a short term impact on the squirrels, new planting will provide a more sustainable food source for them in the long-term.  

Further information is available from Hawes National Park Centre, Tel: 01969 666210 or email

Snaizeholme Red Squirrel viewing area

The Snaizeholme red squirrel viewing area lies in the heart of the Widdale Red Squirrel Reserve. Although coniferous woodland is ideal habitat for red squirrels, they can be difficult to see in such densely planted woodlands. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and local landowners have created the red squirrel viewing area for the public at Snaizeholme, so you can see them in the wild.

The viewpoint and surrounding woodland offer an excellent chance of getting superb views of red squirrels as they visit a feeder in a woodland clearing. With luck you may also see roe deer, along with a variety of woodland birds, such as siskin, lesser redpoll and perhaps even a common crossbill.

Getting there

Snaizeholme lies just outside the market town of Hawes. The Little White Bus operates a pre-book service to the start of the Red Squirrel trail from the Dales Countryside Museum. The bus ride takes about ten minutes. Your friendly Little White Bus driver will drop you off at the top of the track, which leads to the start of the trail. Make sure you arrange a time for the bus driver to come back for you!

It is a 2.5 mile circular walk to the red squirrel viewpoint. Allow 40 minutes to walk to the viewing area from Mirk Pot. Once at the viewing area, sit down, take the weight off your feet and take the time to appreciate this very special place. Allow a minimum of 45 minutes to return to the start point from the viewing area.

The route includes an initial steep descent down a series of steps, followed by an uneven footpath on the edge of the woodland. It passes over ground which can become very muddy. The return route includes a steep climb up a track to the single track road.

To book the Little White Bus contact Hawes Community Office T. 01969 667400 E.

For more information and a map of the route, download a copy of our red squirrel trail leaflet from the link on the right.

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