Meadow Crane’s-bill

Latin name: Geranium pratense

Family: Geraniaceae

The Meadow crane's-bill is a large plant that produces a striking blue flower. Through evolution it has cleverly adapted to maximise the chances of pollination by having veins on the flower petals which guide pollinating insects to the nectar in the centre of the flower.

The Crane’s-bill family (Geraniaceae) is named after the pointed seed cases which resemble the bill of the crane.

Although its name might suggest that this is a meadow plant, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park you are more likely to find Meadow crane's-bill alongside road verges or in hedgerows. However the plant can sometimes be found in meadows, although its relative, the wood crane’s-bill is more characteristic of Yorkshire Dales meadows.

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Wharfedale in Yorkshire is a valley favoured by nature and enriched by romance. From 'Wharfedale' by Ella Pontefract & Marie Hartley

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