Grimwith Reservoir

Grimwith Reservoir is managed and owned by Yorkshire Water and is surrounded by moorland, much of which consists of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protected Areas (SPA). This site is a good place to see wildfowl in the Yorkshire Dales National Park such as eurasian wigeon, teal, greylag and Canada geese on the water. Ringed plover can be seen on the reservoir edge at certain times of year and northern lapwing, common redshank, eurasian curlew, reed bunting and lesser redpoll can often be seen on or from the path, with the addition of whinchat and sedge warbler in the summer. As well as the regular sitings this site is a good place to see a wide range of bird species migrating through the area. Due to the reservoir's importance for birds, dogs must be kept on a lead. Access is limited to a circular walk around the reservoir with further public rights of way extending across the moor as shown on the Ordnance Survey Map.

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There is a freshness and at times a undefineable fragrance to the air at high altitude in the Pennines. Joan E. Duncan & R.W.Robson

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