Upland Flushes, Fens & Swamps

The fens on the lower slopes of the dale sides tend to be flushed with water arising from limestone or more acidic rocks.  The resulting limestone flushes can be very species-rich especially when not heavily grazed by sheep – supporting bird’s-eye primrose, devil’s-bit scabious, butterwort, marsh valerian and flat sedge. There is also potential for the fungi fen puffball in this habitat in the Dales. The more acidic flushes hold a reduced variety of herbs but still a wide array of sedges, rushes and invertebrates. Very occasionally the rare marsh saxifrage occurs in this habitat. Acidic flushes also support breeding birds like snipe and are important feeding areas for other birds.

Wharfedale in Yorkshire is a valley favoured by nature and enriched by romance. From 'Wharfedale' by Ella Pontefract & Marie Hartley

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