Catchment Sensitive Farming

Why Catchment Sensitive Farming?

Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) is a programme being run across England aiming to tackle diffuse water pollution from agriculture (DWPA) in order to meet the objectives of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Between 2009 and 2015 we were working on the Semerwater and Upper Lune Catchment Partnership. This was formed because Semerwater SSSI was in unfavourable condition and the Lune catchment had failures in water quality and in the quality of the bathing waters. The Lune catchment was split into the Lower Lune catchment which became a priority catchment focusing on the bathing waters, and the Upper Lune catchment which focused on the area within the Yorkshire Dales National Park boundary and joined Semerwater making the SULCP.

As of 2015 the Upper Lune Catchment is no longer a priority area, but Wensleydale, Swaledale and parts of the Upper Aire have become a priority, and have become the focus of the Yorkshire Dales Catchment Partnership. We are now working in these priority areas.

Project aims

The aim of CSF is to reduce pollution from farming by reducing sediment loss and nutrient and pesticide run-off in order to improve the water quality for fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants.

This is achieved by providing one to one advice as well as group events which aim to raise an awareness and understanding of DWPA amongst farmers and landowners and hopefully will lead onto farmers taking actions to reduce the risk of DWPA from their farms.

Achievements of CSF to date

  • 82 Capital Grant Scheme applications awarded grants of £616,000
  • 108 one-to-one farm visits
  • 52 follow up visits
  • 78 one-to-one consultant visits with associated reports including Farm Infrastructure reports, Nutrient Management Plans and Soil Husbandry Reports
  • Grassland trial plots on two farms (download factsheets for more information) and associated events
  • 7 events looking at slurry spreading, nutrient management, compaction, machinery rings and thecapital grant scheme
  • 6 newsletters
  • 30 farmers have attended sheep dip training
  • 51 farmers have attended pesticide training
  • 4 farmers have attended PLANET training

Who is involved in CSF?

The partnership is made up of Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Natural England and the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust. These partners meet regularly at steering group meetings where they are joined by farmer representatives and the Environment Agency.

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