Recording sightings

Reporting sightings – wherever and whenever you see tree sparrows let us know, if you can get photo’s they will help confirm identification and the more detail you can provide the better e.g. how many, feeding, nesting, in trees, at a feeder etc.

Whilst we are specifically interested in tree sparrows for this project please do record your sightings of other species as this helps to build a picture of what birds are where in the national park.

Tree sparrow on feeder.

Sightings can be recorded on iSpot (the preferred method) and you can find information on how to sign up in the ‘Share’ section on the home page of this website ‘Nature in the Dales.’

If you would rather use another method for recording your sightings then the bird recording scheme ‘Birdtrack’ would be a good alternative. This is the link to the recording scheme

If you can’t use these sites then please send your records to and I will add them to one of the recording schemes for you.

Redpolls on feedersTree sparrow at nest box
There is a freshness and at times a undefineable fragrance to the air at high altitude in the Pennines. Joan E. Duncan & R.W.Robson

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