YDNPA Habitat Surveys

Why Habitat Survey?

Up to date knowledge of habitat condition is vital in order for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) to deliver local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) targets, advice on agri-environment schemes and for development control functions.

Aims of the project?

2010 saw the start of a ten year rolling survey programme which will condition assess BAP habitats across the entirety of the National Park. For this purpose the National Park has been divided into ten distinct survey areas with the aim of surveying one area each year over the next decade.

Achievements of the project?

2018 is the ninth survey year and surveyors will be out in the summer months working in the southern and western areas of the YDNP extension area, up to and including Tebay Parish in the north.

Who is involved in the project?

The work has been funded by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and undertaken by different ecological consultants: Thomson Ecology; Haycock and Jay Associates Ltd; Brooks Ecological Ltd.

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