Spotted Flycatcher

Latin name: Muscicapa striata

The Spotted Flycatcher pursues most flying insects, including butterflies, bees and wasps. It is a woodland bird species that may be found at widely scattered sites across the Yorkshire Dales in relatively low numbers. Its current status in the National Park is unknown however it is hoped that increased bird recording through involvement in the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) will improve our knowledge of a range of upland bird species in the Dales.

At risk?

The population of this species is thought to be declining in the UK. In 2007 it became a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species and in 2011 it was added to Nature in the Dales: 2020 Vision the second biodiversity action plan for the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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There is a freshness and at times a undefineable fragrance to the air at high altitude in the Pennines. Joan E. Duncan & R.W.Robson

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