Bacidia incompta

This very rare crustiose lichen was formerly abundant on veteran trees such as English Elm, Wych Elm, Willow, Apple, Field Maple and Sycamore. The British Lichen Society has historic records from the 1970s for this species in Arkengathdale in the far North East of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The National Park Authority is planning a carefully targeted specialist survey of rare lichens on veteran trees with the aim of finding out its current status.

At risk?

The national population of this lichen declined due to the loss of Elms associated with the Dutch Elm disease in the 1970s and an increase in air pollution. It is now a UK and local priority species for biodiversity action.

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There is a freshness and at times a undefineable fragrance to the air at high altitude in the Pennines. Joan E. Duncan & R.W.Robson

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