Bell Heather

Latin name: Erica cinerea

Family: Ericaceae (Heather family)

With stunning shades of pink and purple, bell heather is an evergreen dwarf shrub. Its bell-shaped flowers range from white to a bright reddish-purple.

Bell heather can be found growing in dry heaths alongside heather. This family of plants has a symbiotic relationship with several types of fungi that grow inside and between some of the plant root cells. The bell heather thrives in the presence of the fungi and the fungi benefits from some of the bell heather’s nutrients.

In the Yorkshire Dales National Park, bell heather has a scattered distribution on dry heaths throughout the Park. These tend to be found in dryer areas towards the tops of the fells, particularly in the north eastern and south eastern areas.  Where it does occur, it can be plentiful providing a beautiful burst of colour between July and September.

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Wharfedale in Yorkshire is a valley favoured by nature and enriched by romance. From 'Wharfedale' by Ella Pontefract & Marie Hartley

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