Marsh Saxifrage

Latin name: Saxifaga hirculus

Family: Saxifragaceae

With pretty yellow flowers, the Marsh saxifrage is a perennial species which can grow to approximately 15 to 20cm high. Its large flowers appear from in the Yorkshire Dales in July.

The marsh saxifrage grows in base-rich flushes. There are approximately 21 sites in Britain, 80-90% of these are in the northern Pennines. These include two populations in the Yorkshire Dales National Park on Great Shunner Fell and new records from Arkengarthdale in 2012. These populations represent the most southerly populations in Britain.

Yellow marsh saxifrage has some very specific habitat requirements and needs sufficient bare ground for seedlings to establish. This species cannot tolerant heavy grazing regimes but may also be lost if more dominant grass species and flowering plants are allowed to encroach.

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