Latin name: Allium ursinum

Family: Liliaceae

If you're hoping to spot the Ramson on your next walk, you might find that you smell it before you see it! That’s because it has a distinctive garlic aroma is emitted when the leaves are bruised particularly between April and June. It is also known as 'wild garlic'.

The Ramson is a bulb-shaped herb that grows throughout the year with bright green strappy leaves similar to those of Lily-of-the-valley and white flowers and is generally found in shady places including woodlands. The plant has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries, treating problems such as digestive disorders. In some areas of the UK, their existence within a wood can indicate that the woodland has been on the site since before 1600 AD.

In the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Ramsons is commonly found in upland ash woodland such as Grass Wood in Wharfedale, Freeholder's Wood in Wensleydale and on the Ingleton Waterfalls walk as well as in the grikes of the limestone pavements.

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The unfolding of Grass Wood throughout the year is a story of rich fulfilment. From 'Wharfedale' by Ella Pontefract & Marie Hartley

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